The Third Head :: Perpetuation :: Glossary

Affected Closure Species
Closure species given traits that normally exceed what they would develop  on their own, such as intelligence, culture, and civilization. And, being closure species, they only understand the premise of these perpetuitive enhancements enough to destroy with greater ferocity. 

Agens Inducere
Latin for “Induced Agent”.  It's the term given by scientists who initially studied it.  It is believed to have been extraterrestrial in origin, and a possible product of alien ingenuity itself.  It was first discovered during an investigation of a new form of recreational drug being harvested along the US/Canadian border, and pinpointed to a meteor impact site north of the Great Lakes.

Microscopic electromotive converters designed specifically for bio integrated circuitry and micro-hydraulic processes.  As they are primarily used in cybernetic applications, they are the size of viruses, and like viruses, programmed for self replication. There can be millions in a single device or organism, activated by standard logic timing sequences triggered by either neurological or electronic signals. One of many building blocks of the cyberkinetic revolution when desert mined agens gave way to 3d crystal IC nanotechnology.

Closure Species
A pernicious life form that absorbs complex organisms and breaks them down into their simplest compounds via digestion. All animal species on earth are closure species, whereas most plant life on earth is the closest the ecosystem can yield to perpetuitive species. And, where perpetuative species will sustain themselves by assimilation, reconstitution and replenishment, closure species are extremophiles that destroy life for sustenance and eventually themselves by destroying their habitat and the life therein that sustains them. Closure species usually don't populate enough to be cancerous, considering they usually exist in volatile ecosystems that keep them in check. However, when they are artificially enhanced, they become the more dangerous affected closure species.Perpetuitive species referred to them as dead life, or the living dead.

1. Programmable application, such as that of a computer, or a mental influence operation.
2. Any executable module set to operate or to have effect on another.

Custom Identification
CIN – Etrasian equivalent of a social security number.

A country founded within the latter half of the 2nd millenium, organised, theocracised and ruled by enhanced secondary sigature females; a 'female dominated' soceity of sorts. However, there is a caste system, ranking hybrid females first, males second, females third, and eunichs last.  Etrasia is also rich in sedimentary peoples; those who have either abandoned or who have been cast out of the mainstream, living within the many strata of centuries old substructure.  Etrasia is said to somewhat resemble a large anthill, sitting on the mountain of Oppenheimer, which came into existence after the 12th layer of city was built. Etrasuia is a country of manpower, having a tight hierarchy and power distribution. E-miners occupy much of the sedimentary levels where they manufacture power sources and bioeletronic goods from imported resource.  Anyone who is not of the upper class is usually a prisoner of some sort, even if it's debt, which is something most citizens of Etrasia are born with due to high taxation imposed on both parent and child at birth, based upon genetic status of the child. The lower the cast, the higher the debt, and the longer it takes to pay off the debt to the state.

Integral Perpetuent
A straight line deviant, or hybrid signature carrier, believed to be a throwback to the ancient introduction of agens to earth biology. Integral perpetuants retain closure species traits of consumption, but on a hybrid level, thus consumption is consolidation of varied life forms into one. This process is known as trans-special assimilation,
and it became the first method of Agens bonding with Earths' species and adapting to earth's volitile ecosystem. Integrals are useful at reducing excessive populations of the very closure species they were developed from. As one of the oldest hybrids, they are mythologized in human history under the many blanket metaphysical markers such as vampires, werewolves, zombies, green men and many others.  As inegral perpetuants are sentient, they are often capable of assimilation and progeneration by will.

The colloquial term used to represent the mental and perceptual capacity of gifted perpetuents.  This capability is essentially a radial perception effecting all senses, including that of future and past.  For this, most perpetuants lack linear focus, and may go insane later in life. But if one grasps this ability, they possess immense and coveted potential. The Etrasian military exhaustively experiments with Agens in order to produce a master race. They know of Kommac, and they do their best to have the public believe it’s only a myth.

The reproduction of an organism by means similar to standard cell division. However, facilitated by agens, cells divides prokaryotically, circumventing meiosis and the process of sexual reproduction. To compensate, replication occurs in excess, forming a reserve of dormant 'plasmid' cells that build up inside the organism and are periodically expelled.  The process is actually much closer to binary fission, but because it involves complex organisms, it is referred to as Metamitosis.

Because of the build up and expulsion of replicant cells, researchers to gave the gender of female to replicating signatures, and male to neutered or non replicating signatures.  However, the similarities are only cosmetic.  When a perpetuant consumes an organism, both are transcripted from inside out while retaining basic features. 

In simpler terms, this is the process...the entire basis of perpetuation.
It is standard cell division, but cumulative, replicating cells in excess as it divides by due process.  This process clones groups of identical tissues, to organs, to complete organisms.  When a prime signature consumes it retains all DNA patterns but gives a new assignment to the centrioles. In the natural process of cell by cell regeneration, a second copy of the already duplicating cells is manufactured, set aside with similar cells, to tissues, to organs, etc. With terrestrial humans, an entire body is regenerated about an average of every seven years. The replication cycle in perpetuents has the same time-span, but the excess cells create another exact duplicate body.  As a prime signature sheds its excess cells into a fully formed clone, it goes into a state of progenerate shock.

Physical triggers and gates enveloped into hardware conditions. A bio-synthetic version of transistorization, yielding a microprocessor compatible with both biological and electronic components using crystal Agens IC technology. 

Neuro Echo
Residual memory in its many manifestations. It can be parsed from the field (See Wind) or it can be contained in vessels, nodes and conditions. Known for it's virtual quality, it's a slave pattern, not a source source of memory creation.  

A conscious manifestation of neurological patterns.  A 'living, self aware being' virtual or biological. 

The Paralands
Prior to the axial polar shift, this land was known as the Tundras.  By the third millenium, it sustained a predominately temperate climate, and on the surface, resembles a living desert or plain lands region, depending on location. The general population regards it as such, and chooses not ot develop or settle within its vast expanses. However, several meters beneath the topsoil is the mineral rich clay mixed with mold like grains of agens in it's purest state. Also, due to the industrial pristineness of the paralands, the area itself incubates agens. Small lakes, water holes, rivers and travertines are verdant with planimals.

The continuity of a biological entity or organism via the process of cloning using Agens Inducere as the bonding agent and primary catalyst.  The process not only includes the regeneration of the host's genotype, but of all vibratory resonance patterns included within the life form, including accumulated memories.

Perpetuents are gender neutral.  The first few generations of perpetuents  may have vestigial genitalia that will disappear slowly over subsequent generations.

The clone or facsimile, resultant from bonding organisms with Agens Inducere.  Clone, however, is too general a term, as Agens has the ability to replicate all memory modules including conscious experience. Technology relating to the use of Agens may be used to 'clone' (to copy an organism with a 'clean slate) but with engineering, it simply consumes its host organism and divides it by the principles of metamitosis.

A hybrid perpetuant that has consolidated with plants and animals.  Its outward behavior is reminiscent of fungi, but its covert function is that of a large, single organ brain that absorbs the surrounding environment for growth. It resembles a multi special aquatic plant, negating the chlorophyll and cell walls.  It utilizes chemosythesis and is enveloped by a membrane of grayish aqua blue irridescent tissue.  The planimal symbiotically produces pod nests for prime signatures during progenerate states, but remains dormant if left without new active signatures to interact with.

Prime Signature
The purest clone ratio, that is, the nearest twin factor to the original or prior generation of a single biological entity.

Prime Signature Carrier
A dominant perpetuant (clone) whereas in any one 'litter' or generation spawned from the prior, the perpetuant bearing the closest genotype and memory of its predecessor. This one may harbor 'alpha' capabilities, meaning it can influence or dominate its own generation under permissive circumstances such as environment, culture, and degeneration coefficients.  The PSC can and will often progenerate at will, and my thus re-perpetuate lessors of its own spawning by physical bonding or even by metabolic absorption.

Progenerate Shock
A state similar to hibernation, allowing for the completion of a phase of the duplication process. The cycle usually occurs once every five to seven years, but can occur in increments over time depending upon the perpetuant. The perpetuant may express an actual complex organism split, or may harbor an incubation nest.

Advanced metamitosis as it is applied to organisms in replication.  It is basically a pervasive, naturally occurring cancer carried by perpetuants that can infect non perpetuants as well.  As a tool of engineering, it can be utilized to produce synthetic neats and proteins for consumption, pharmaceuticals, recreational drugs, surgical tissues and 'spare' organs for transplants, grafts, etc.

Progenerate Active
Tissues, organs, and organisms capable of progeneration currently in an active state.

Progenerate Inactive
Antonymous with above, progenerate potential, but in stagnate or suspended development. 

Etrasia's only true rival power.  Both countries are located on the Northwestern Hemisphere on the former North American continent.  Although Etrasian is much more densely populated, Rubedeso is a very vast and spacious province, whose resource is its territory and contents therein.  The boarders of these countries do not touch. They are separated by the paralands and many smaller unincorporated provinces.  Rubedeso is an agri-rich country, anda its population is very skilled in the production of foods and textiles.

An unconscious manifestation of neurological patterns.  In off planet travel, Nodes use vessels as 'roads'.

Secondary Signature Carrier
Perpetuants who develop embriotically, by behaviour emulation of the terrestial act of coitus or fetal development, or by fetal development within a pod like structure of the planimal. In the distant future, perpetuitive traits have breached the entire human population and reshaped the culture. Thus, all terrestrial life will be either first or second signature carriers, whether or not they realize. Those who emulate sexual reproduction will experience limited perpetuation with their children, favoring more the mother's traits and memory than that of the father who only supplies the material for fertilization, but not the incubation and physical bondage.  Also, physical severance (birth) can separate one-ness of an entity, and a child may be able to experience the same memory patterns of the mother only to the point of birth.

Field effect of aggressive memory patterns created by active nodes.